Mary Cummings Park

Mary Cummings Park is Under Attack

Mary Cummings Parks is an over two hundred acre public park which was given in trust to the City of Boston by Mary Cummings for the purpose of keeping the land forever open as a public pleasure ground. This land offers fields, forests, trails, wetlands, and a variety of wildlife habitats for public enjoyment.

Mary Cummings Park is once again under attack from the City of Boston

City Councilor Josh Zakim has filed an order for a hearing to attempt to break the will of Mary Cummings and sell the park. This was attempted in 2007 and was turned back by the Attorney General's Office (with substantial input and effort by the Friends of Mary Cummings Park), but there is no reason to think this new assault by the Boston might not succeed. But Mary Cummings' will is very clear that Mary Cummings Park should remain "forever open as a public pleasure ground". If the City of Boston does not wish to fulfill the terms of the will, they should have another act as trustee.

We urge you to contact any and all city and state officials – and everyone you know that might care about this travesty - to step up and save Mary Cummings Park.

Mary Cummings Park is Under Attack Here is a flyer you can send around via email, or print and post where it may do some good.

Click here to read the hearing order filed by Josh Zakim.

Read the text of Mary Cummings will regarding the disposition of her land. (Fourth item, in bold, addresses the land trust.)

Read the chronology of Boston's last attempt to break the Will and sell the park.

Our Alternative Vision

Proposal for an environmental review and Management Plan conducted by Mass Audubon



Vision 2012

This 2012 Vision document represents the concerted effort of a small number of people working over many months gathering as much as possible to create a broad framework for Mary Cummings Park moving forward. We are very proud of the result, but the process is not complete until we have heard from you. So, please let us know what you think and what we could improve and how you might like to help.

Please help us move forward!! Friends of Mary Cummings Park Inc is a recognized 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

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