About Us

Friends of Mary Cummings Park Inc was founded in 2007 and is a recognized 501(c)(3) non-profit organization whose purpose is to help keep Mary Cummings Park, in Burlington and Woburn, Massachusetts, forever open as a public park and playground; to promote recreation consistent with the historic uses of the park and to promote the protection of wildlife habitat and watershed

Our Mailing address

Friends of Mary Cummings Park Inc

101 Middlesex Tpke Ste. 6 PMB #343
Burlington, MA 01803

Board of Directors and Officers 

Stephen O'Leary President, stephenoleary@marycummingspark.org Steve has served as president since 2013.  Steve grew up in Woburn and is a Graduate of Northeastern University. He currently resides in Woburn.

Catherine Moore Tresurer, Board Member cathmoore@marycummingspark.org Cath is a co-founder of the group and served as our first president from 2007 to 2008. She is a local activist involved in many issues of environmental and social justice. She is a researcher by trade, having received her MA in Library and Information Science from Simmons College. She has led the search to place Mary Cummings in her times to better understand how Mary came to establish her forward-thinking trust.

Steven Keleti Board Member stevenkeleti@marycummingspark.org Steven is a co-founder of the group served as president of the Friends of Mary Cummings Park from 2008 to 2011. He has been involved in environmental affairs for over 20 years with many environmental groups. He has served as a volunteer for the Sierra Club and Nature Conservancy. He served on the City of Everett's Recycling Committee to help establish their recycling program. He has served as a conservation buyer to hold land during the granting process for the Caribou Bog in Maine. He has a Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering, and works as an engineering and software contractor and consultant.

David Cummings Board Member   Dave is a Woburn native and great great nephew of the Honorable John and Mary Cummings whose farm was donated to create the park.

Jon Sachs Board Member jonsachs@marycummingspark.org  Jon Sachs has been involved with creating a variety of graphics for us, including our Vision booklet, the large display maps in the various kiosks at park entrances, and small flyer-maps that are available at each of those kiosks. He also organizes and sometimes leads our monthly nature walks. On other weekends he clears the trails and places and maintains trail signs throughout the park.

Jon’s day job is creating websites, graphics, photography and video for a wide variety of clients. You can see his work at www.jonsachs.com.

In addition, Jon has created the number-one website for poison ivy, poison oak, and poison sumac information at www.poison-ivy.org. He says the park has poison ivy, but no more than any other open space.

Jon is a Town Meeting member in Burlington as well as a member of the Master Plan Steering Committee for Burlington.

Ed LoTurco Board Member edloturco@marycummingspark.org  Ed has spent over 50 years in the Engineering and Manufacturing information arena. He has held senior management positions in Design Services, International Engineering Services, Product Marketing and Consultancy roles for a number of companies. Ed

continues to be very active on various Boards including The Association for Information and ImageManagement (AIIM); Lexington Veterans Association; Horace Mann School For The Deaf; and Friends Of Mary Cummings Park.

Ed also spent 4 years with the USAF working as a Flight Surgeon AeroMedic and spent a good amount of his timewith NASA astronaut candidates for the Gemini and Appollo programs. He also shared his duties with the air evacuation of  the many wounded during the Vietnam War as they returned tovarious hospitals here in the U.S.

He is now retired from Corporate America and presently lives in Burlington, MA with his wife Marion,while their two daughters are now grown and on their own and enjoying their successful careers. He recently retired from High School Football and Track & Field Coaching positions after 28 years. Ed also enjoys world travel,outdoor hiking and biking, snow shoing, is a technician with LexMedia capturing specials events as a producer for Veterans programs, and continues to work with special needs children.

David Webb Board Member davidwebb@marycummingspark.org David is a 35 year long resident of Burlington and a Town Meeting member.

Pat O'Reilly Co-Founder patoreilly@marycummingspark.org Pat co-founded the Friends of Mary Cummings Park along with Cath and Steven as a non-profit charitable organization as served as president from 2011 to 2013. Pat grew up in Woburn not far from the park and often visited and explored the park as a kid forming a deep appreciation for science and our natural world. He is currently a Software Engineer and Application Developer working at MIT.