Where do I park my car?

There is a large parking lot now open at the new soccer field on Blancharch Road, between the big blue water tower and Bedford St. There is also some room for on street parking on Blanchard Road in Burlington or at the end of Sylvanus Wood Lane in Woburn on the other side of the park. Some of the businesses across the street on Blanchard Rd or Northeastern University sometimes allow parking for park visitors, but please check with them first.

How do I have a special event at the park

For larger organized events you can apply for a permit with the City of Boston using their form. Call the number on the form for details.

Was the land given specifically to some group of people to use to the exclusion of others?

No, the land is to be kept by the City of Boston in trust "To hold and keep the same forever open as a public pleasure ground, and to maintain and care for the same in a suitable manner in accordance with that purpose" That's it. There was never any restriction on the will that it only be used by City of Boston Residents or by any class of people.

Did the Friends of Mary Cummings Park file a lawsuit against the City of Boston for breach of trust?

No, In July 2008 we submitted a formal letter of complaint to Attorney General Martha Coakley. You can read more about that here

What was the outcome of the 2008 complaint?

Here is the Attorney General's official response. Despite assurances that the City "has no intention of selling the Property or changing its use to a purpose other than recreational" the Attorney General took no action to address the ongoing purposeful neglect and mismanagement of the park and the care and maintenance trust fund. The AG's office also failed to acknowledge over two decades of attempts by the City of Boston to seek the Attorney General's support for breaking the trust to sell the land.