Monthly Nature Walks

On the first Saturday of every month, rain or shine, at 10am, we have a nature walk at Mary Cummings Park. Each month we have a different guest, with subjects ranging from wildflowers to animal tracking, Burlington photographer Jon Sachs organizes the walks. He has extensive experience with nature photography, particularly closeups of flowers and insects. We will gather at the parking lot for the new soccer field on Blanchard Road, near the big blue water tower. See the map below.

The park has a wide variety of habitats, from fields to forest to wetlands. There are endless subjects for photography, in every season. Jon took the photos below in just the last few years at Mary Cummings Park. Jon also happens to be an expert on poison ivy, which he will make sure you avoid.

See the map under the photos to see where we'll meet. You can email Jon at or leave a message at 781-272-1989.

butterfly sky hawk field wetland fall forest leaf in ice flower mushroom